What is the PAS 24 Accreditation

Anyone responsible for building management, or ownership, and therefore, the associated requirements for commercial security doors or windows, will be aware that these features need to be PAS 24 accredited, or certified.

Not all, however, are entirely clear as to what this involves, or means – here are some basic aspects of the standard itself:

The PAS 24 Certification

PAS 24 is, in the simplest terms, a test standard that is used to assess the security performance of windows and doors. PAS 24 certification confirms that a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited certification body has monitored the security performance of products under set test conditions.

There are no ‘grades’, as such, applied to the test – it is a simple ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ – PAS 24 is a British Standard ‘minimum standard’ or requirement. So, although some of the door-sets and windows that pass will be stronger than the minimum requirement, the very presence of a ‘minimum standard’ encourages engineers to design doors and windows that will be, at the very least, of the minimum requirements.

This makes for economic, and environmental, sense as the effectiveness of the standard has been proven that the British Standard levels set are correct.

What the PAS 24 Certification applies to

The certification is used to verify the performance of any security doors, or windows, that require, and incorporate, the opening functions of Turning, Folding, Tilting, Turn-Tilting, Sliding, Top, Bottom-hung or Fixed.

The standard also applies to any newly-manufactured windows, or door-sets, prior to their installation.

The certification process

It is a fairly simple process for certification – the window or door manufacturer must submit their products to an accredited body to be tested. Once the awarding body is satisfied that the individual aspects required for accreditation of PAS 24 are met, and the doors/windows are ‘fit for purpose’, then they will carry out an audit of the manufacturer’s factory, or workshop, and the relevant manufacturing processes being used.

When the accreditation body has completed the audit, and is satisfied with all the relevant aspects of the manufacturing facility, then certification can be granted.

When formally certified to PAS 24 Standard, the manufacturer can use the certification to demonstrate full compliance with Secured and Design requirements. To ensure quality is maintained, the Certification Body will regularly visit the production facility and periodically re-test the products.

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