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What qualifications do I need to install a Fire Door

For fire doors to be an effective method of protection, they have to be not only carefully made but also fitted correctly. The slightest gap or crack between the door and the frame, glasswork or seal can cause smoke or flames to escape and completely destroy the door’s capabilities. In fact, badly installed fire doors might only provide 5 – 10 minutes of protection which could seriously risk lives and damage property, as well as making it more difficult for fire fighters to access and put out the flames.

Because of this, it is vitally important that only those people who are competent and skilled take responsibility for fitting fire doors, whether they are in homes, public spaces or business premises. However, there is no formal requirement for people who install fire doors to have any particular qualification or accreditation, so anybody – in theory – can take on the task.

Despite the fact that the British Standard BS 8214: 2008 Code of Practice for Fire Door Assemblies does not require official qualifications from fire door installers, it is possible to undertake accreditation, which is a useful way to ensure skills are up to date and sufficient. An installer being accredited also has the ability to offer some reassurance to customers that they are competent. Most significantly, studying for accreditation will make sure that the doorset is as safe as it can be, and that it will provide an effective barrier between an outbreak of fire, and the people and property nearby.

When installing a fire door, it is important to check the labels on the different components of the doorsets as proof that they are properly certified and suitable for the task. The door should also come with instructions on exactly how to fit it, as recommended by the supplier who built it. These guidelines need to be followed to the letter, and the installer should seek advice if they need it.

Altering doors, fitting them with components that have not been approved, and fitting glazed or non-glazed apertures are all tasks that should not be undertaken by anybody without specific expertise, because they can damage the performance of the door, which can unfortunately have devastating consequences.

In a bid to collate a central listing of reputable fire door installers, as well as to “bring greater recognition to professional fire door installers”, the Fire Door Installer Register has been created. It is an industry-led initiative which will help those looking for builders or contractors to find somebody who is not just trustworthy, but also capable of carrying out the important task of installing fire doors in the necessary way.

And for anybody in the position of carrying out an installation, Fire Door Safety Week has created a video. Top tips for installing a fire door demonstrates some of the most important information that is needed to make sure that the work is carried out efficiently and safely to help to guarantee a building’s fire safety long into the future.

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