Introducing some of our Key Suppliers.

At Enfield Speciality Doors we have built a reputation for manufacturing a range of non standard doors including Fire Doors, Acoustic Doors and X Ray Doors to the highest possible standard. And furthermore we have streamlined our manufacturing process to provide the shortest lead times possible including our Express Delivery where you can receive your doors in just 24 hours.

But we can’t do this on our own and so we would like to acknowledge the role a number of our key suppliers play in helping us deliver Speciality Doors:

  • Built to your exacting specifications
  • Built to the correct technical requirements
  • Delivered within the shortest timeframes in the industry

Our key suppliers include:

Mann McGowan – Advanced Intumescent Technology

Mann McGowan manufactures a complete range of intumescent seals and products that enhances the fire resistance of doors. In addition their highly successful Enviroseal® range offers complete acoustic, smoke, dust and ambient weather seals that can be used in conjunction with the intumescent products to provide complete protection.

Here at Enfield Speciality Doors we use a number of the Mann McGowan intumescent and acoustic products as a matter of choice. And we use them because their flexibility helps us achieve the shortest industry delivery times.

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MBM Forest Products Ltd

MBM Forest Products are a leading bulk importer of Forest Products and have been a nation-wide distributor throughout the UK for over 40 years. They began importing Canadian Forest Products but have now expanded, importing timber and panel products from Canada. Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, South America and the Far East as well as incorporating products manufactured within the UK.

Here at Enfield Speciality Doors we use MBM Forest Products for both primary timber supplies and door blanks. And we use them because their flexibility helps us achieve the shortest industry delivery times.

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Enfield Doors supply Fire Doors, Acoustic Doors, X Ray Doors, Door Sets and Frames for a host of building types in the public and private markets, especially hospitals, schools and colleges both in London and right across the UK. If you have any questions please call our TECHNICAL Helpline on 020 3199 5865.