Important reasons for installing fire doors

Typical wooden and metal doors cannot guarantee your safety from fire. These materials do not have resilience in case of a fire breakout. A fire incident can be managed by controlling the spread of the flames. You need to install fire rated doors that can withstand high temperatures without collapsing or allowing the fire to slip through.

The purpose of fire doors

Fire rated doors are specially designed to resist and prevent the damaging effects and rapid spread of fire. These doors are made with robust materials such as gypsum, glass, steel, vermiculite and other preferable materials. Fire doors are mainly suitable for use in between rooms. In case a fire starts in one place, the fire rated door will prevent fumes, smoke, and flames from quickly spreading to another part of the house or building.

Increase safety and reduce damage

The two main benefits of fire rated doors are facilitating a quick evacuation of people and their belongings, and reducing the rate of fire damage to the premises. You can maximize or capitalize on these benefits by choosing minute fire doors with long endurance. These doors have specific durations that they can withstand fire for. The minimum period fire doors can tolerate fire is twenty minutes.

Built to last

Other fire door specifications that increase the benefits are frames, cores, hinges and soundproofing. While the door itself is built to have a long endurance in case of a fire, the frames ought to be of equally high quality. The door may be secure, but frail frames will comprise the integrity of the fire door. The core and hinges also have to match up the quality of the fire rated door. Soundproofing is yet another advantage of these doors, which increases their performance and efficiency.

Fire doors are an integral part of protecting your home and premises from a fire. However, a fire rated door will only be effective if professionals install it. Many companies may be selling these doors, but not all will meet your needs. Choose a professional who has the specifications you need to install the doors in your home or premises. An experienced expert will guide you in making a sound decision.

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