What you need to know about pre-hung commercial doorsets

Commercial fire-rated doorsets are special doors that are specifically constructed to contain any fire outbreak in a building and to halt or constrict the spread of the fire from the initial source or area to any other areas in the building for a specific amount of time.

They are carefully constructed using materials specifically designed for the purpose of suppressing and containing any fire outbreak – this is to try to provide enough time for any occupants of the building to be successfully evacuated without injury.

Fire-rated doorsets

A typical doorset will consist of a solid core material with a frame constructed to resist fire and smoke for a specified time period based on the desired level of fire resistance.

There are various options for fire doors offering different levels of protection – time protection periods range from 30 minutes up to 120 minutes – depending on the building in which you are installing the doorsets, you should choose the most relevant time protection models.

Importance of commercial fire doors

Whilst most modern commercial premises will be constructed with fire-rated doors it is important to recognise that residential premises can also greatly benefit from having fire doorsets installed.

Kitchens and any rooms that contain fireplaces and electrical equipment are potential fire breakout areas – fitting fire-rated doorsets in these environments can offer peace of mind and reassurance in maintaining the safety of your family.

Choosing a commercial doorset

Having established the necessity and reasons for installing pre-hung commercial doorsets, it is important to ensure that you source your fire doors from an established and reputable manufacturer or provider.

Ensure that your commercial doorsets carry the relevant fire-safety labels and certifications covering, not just the doors themselves, but the door frames, leafs and any of the provided ironmongery or door furniture.

Choose doors that are completed with the proper, safety-tested intumescent strips that provide the vital protection against flames and smoke.

Check the doorsets

Once installed, all fire-rated doorsets should be checked regularly to ensure that they are fit for purpose. All door gaps should be checked – if there are any gaps around the frame, they may not be able to properly contain flame, smoke or toxins in the case of a fire outbreak. Check for damaged seals – any intumescent strips that are compromised will need replacing immediately. It is advisable to also regularly check the other door elements – loose hinges need to be tightened or replaced.

Fire-rated doorsets are perfect choices for any commercial, educational or industrial buildings but are also wise choices for hospitals and some residential environments.

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