Boost in demand for express bespoke fire doors since Grenfell

Demand for bespoke fire doors that offer a higher level of fire protection has increased significantly in the past two years, says Enfield Speciality Doors, and not just for social housing. The leading manufacturer of specialist internal doors has seen a rise in enquiries and orders for smaller contracts that require shorter delivery times. “Our customer base is expanding with many more businesses and organisations requiring between 1-20 bespoke fire doors for fit-out or refurbishment within a 1-2 week lead time, for example,” explains Nigel Sill, Chairman of Enfield Speciality Doors.

Since the Grenfell fire everyone has become more aware of their responsibilities in specifying, supplying, fitting, inspecting and maintaining fire protection,” adds Nigel. “‘Off-the-shelf’ fire doors aren’t suitable for many applications, but our customers say the standard delivery times that manufacturers typically offer on bespoke fire doors are too long. Over the past two years, we’ve invested a significant amount in our two factories so we can service both high-volume, phased contracts, and turn around express orders for custom-made fire doors, with delivery from 24 hours upwards.

high volume express doors

Enfield’s two factories cater for high volume and smaller express delivery contracts

Higher level fire doors (eg FD 60 minutes plus) are often required for a variety of different projects, from Grand Designs-style self-builds and smaller/private housing or renovations, to multi-use buildings or commercial buildings. Enfield’s customers can be student landlords with damaged doors that need replacing immediately, or a hotel or office that needs to upgrade a few doors (rather than a whole block) for maintenance or refurbishment purposes.

We’re also seeing a rise in specifications for doors combining high acoustic or security performance with high fire resistance,”adds Nigel. “For example, music studios, conference rooms, private medical clinics, or cinemas or swimming pools (also found in luxury self-builds). These just aren’t ‘off-the-shelf’ options!” Enfield Speciality Doors is one of the few manufacturers in the country that can supply doors that are designed to reduce noise which also offer high fire resistance (FD30 doors with up to 48dB acoustic performance, for example, or FD60 doors with up to 41dB, and a multitude in between).

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