Enfield Doors passes new security door fire test

Fire safety is always a prominent and important aspect to be considered in any building or construction project. Any developers, or builders, undertaking a project must always be aware of the relevant industry standards and requirements. Events in the last few years have made us are all too aware of the tragic consequences that can occur if these safety standards are not adhered to and maintained.

In the aftermath of the horrific tragedy at Grenfell Towers, government departments set about re-examining some of the mandatory fire safety requirements, including a revised test for fire doors and exits in public buildings and buildings of multiple occupancy.

How was the test devised?

The Ministry for Housing Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) consulted with established and reputable fire door suppliers in order to establish the best design, technical advice and fire protection aspects to be considered.

The new test concerned, and was designed for, the fire resistance of doors that open both into, and away from, the fire itself. For authenticity and practical realism, the test doors were designed as front entrance doors for a typical 1960’s or 70’s block of flats.  

How Enfield Doors performed

This long established, and highly regarded, fire door supplier and manufacturer was one of the companies the MHCLG turned to for advice in establishing the new test. Enfield doors provided them, along with their advice, technology, expertise and experience, with three sample doorsets for the test. These doorsets were designed to withstand any fire for a minimum of 30 minutes. Again, for authenticity and gravitas, the doors were constructed with modern materials and incorporated the latest, most effective, security locks, but finished in Sapele Mahogany veneers – in keeping with the style of the period mentioned.

The doors have the required PAS 124 Security Rating and three-point locking system, along with the latest intumescent and smoke–resistant seals. They also incorporated a ‘spy hole’, which is required in certain circumstances for security.

The test results

As expected from a manufacturer and supplier of such standing, the doors passed the test with much to spare – indeed, impressively exceeding the requirements by some margins. The Enfield doors product performed at an outstanding extra 19% on the “opening in” aspect, and an exceptional 51 minutes, or extra 70%, on the “opening out”!

As much as this is an impressive performance for the company reputation, the real value is in the knowledge that fire doors supplied from Enfield Doors will provide people with the vital extra safety time to evacuate a building in the event of a serious fire breakout. 

View full test results.

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