Commercial retail doors – choose the best option for retail environments

If you have a retail business, then the choice of commercial doors to your premises is important. You want to project the right image for your shop, but you also need to consider some of the practical aspects of your business alongside the commercial. The main issues you need to consider, and balance, when choosing your commercial retail doors are those of the shop aesthetics against the safety and security of your premises.

Aspects to consider include:

The size of your shop and door placement

If your retail space is limited or you have a large amount of stock leading to a small ‘working’ space in your retail unit, then you will need to carefully consider the placement and style of the doors you install. A swing door will need sufficient space in which to safely, and effectively, operate without impacting on available floor space and stock display – sliding doors take up less physical space in opening, but require a wider entrance so are not suitable for narrow shops or retail units with limited wall space.

Door aesthetics should compliment your shop decor

The choice of commercial retail doors will inevitably impact on the look of the shop – you want your entry doors to positively project your shop and its’ contents and issue an invitation to people to stop and enter your premises.

Consider the style and layout of your retail unit – a narrow shop would need to consider how sliding doors would restrict any window display, therefore perhaps diminishing the aesthetic of the shop from outside – alternatively, if your retail unit has a wider front then an automatic sliding door can look impressive and welcoming to potential customers. Whilst the door isn’t the only aspect of the overall look of your shop, you need to consider the importance as it is the first thing your customers will see!

Find a balance between aesthetics and security

The other important aspect and function of your commercial retail door, other than as an entrance and exit portal, is that of security. You need a balance of aesthetics and security function for the doors you choose – whilst a heavy, steel security door would provide solid security, it is not appealing to look at – you need to opt for doors that combine the required security features whilst projecting an attractive invitation to people.

Another consideration is that security of your retail premises is not just about preventing illegal access to your shop out of hours – it is important to remember the fire security responsibilities to your staff and customers and install appropriate security fire doors in the premises. Installation of bespoke fire doors can provide both attractive and effective protection against any fire outbreak in your retail premises and provide vital safety measures for both your people and the property itself.

Remember that having selected and installed your entry doors, they must also be maintained to a standard that keeps them effective and functional as well as attractive, so it is advisable to always consider your commercial retail doors in your annual budgeting.

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